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Drink this banana and cinnamon mixture before bedtime this is how it is prepared and what it does

Information is crucial and you shouldn't keep it to yourself only if you have something that will help someone. Today you gonna learn why you should boil bananas before going to bed and drink the banana tea, and a little bit of a guide on how to prepare this.

The main reason is simple, this is because banana and caramel tea has a coming and sleep promoting effects.

We don't all have luck when it comes to having a good night sleep every night. For others is a struggle every night whenever they go to bed just to get a pinch of an eye closed. A bad night's sleep is not only incredibly frustrating but also has an impact on your daily life and I can affect your health.

This may cause you not to concentrate well, and your mood usually won't be the greatest if you didn't get enough sleep. End up reaching for sleeping pills to get a good night, and does end up being addictive to your health and it's not good.

According to the article that was posted on the East Coast radio station, it has been said that with banana and canna Monte your doors or before you know it. And this shouldn't be a struggle to make it easy because you can make it yourself.

Banana as a sleeping aid

According to the article bananas contain the amino acid, tryptophan. Discourses production of the chemical serotonin in the brain. This has a coming and sleep promoting effect according to the National Health Service. This is Lee means that having a banana before you sleep can improve your sleep, but you can even take it as tea in a cup.

Tea with banana and cinnamon

According to the article on the website, it is said that all over the world tea with banana and cinnamon is used as a nightcap. Banana and cinnamon have many health benefits, so you created drink to promote your sleep quality. Cinnamon can also promote healthy digestion and circulation, in addition banana ensures that your body produce less cortisol - known as the stress hormone - Anna the high content of tryptophan ensures the serotonin production in a body increases, and this will help you fall asleep.

Here is what you need

Organic bananas (1/serving)

3 cups of water (filtered)

Directions on how to prepare this

First bring water to boil. Then cut off the ends of your banana and place it unpeeled into the water. The reason for keeping the banana peels on is because they are loaded with magnesium and potassium. Leave your banana to boil for 10 minutes.

Use a tea strainer to pour the water into a mug, allow to cool down. Drink the tea one hour before bedtime. You can also add the sprinkling of cinnamon. Eating the worm banana will also help sooth you before bed.

There you have it, if you have been struggling to get a good night sleep, then that's your answer and remedy for a very good night's sleep.

Source: East Coast Radio

Content created and supplied by: Jimfoxx07 (via Opera News )

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