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For 100 Mlllion Rands, Can You Fight Any Of These Women?

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In this article, we will discuss if bodybuilders are actually great at fighting and also I will show you some female builders, please leave a comment if you can fight any of them if the price is 100 million rand. Also let us know if you feel you can win the match.

NO! Bodybuilders aren't good fighters since that's not what they train for. Bodybuilding is the practice of increasing muscles for aesthetic goals and competing on a stage with other bodybuilders to see who has the best muscular composition. Fighting, on the other hand, is a completely different game in which you hit and take a beating until only one person remains standing.

This answers your question more professionally, but if a bodybuilder got into a heated argument with a fighter, we would still bet on the fighter because he/she knows how to fight and knows how to produce the most power to punch someone, whereas a bodybuilder will know better to flex his arms and awe people.

Are bodybuilders lazy?

Bodybuilders aren't always weak. In this gym, they can easily pick loads that a professional boxer could not. Big muscles are daunting, and if you fall prey to the muscles rather than the abilities in a battle and allow the big person to grip you, it's game over. But if you've been trained to take a battering like most professional fighters and know how to knock someone down before they realize what occurred, you'll kick him like a lightweight boxer in front of a 300-pound bodybuilder.

As a result, bodybuilders are not weak; rather, they are not trained for combat and lack the desire to bear suffering as much as fighters. They are powerful in the sense that they can lift a lot of weight in a gym, which is their area. A fighter, for example, may not be able to bench 220 pounds.

Can bodybuilders compete?

Bodybuilders can, in fact, fight. They, like you and me, know how to throw punches and kicks around and beat the snot out of someone if required, as long as the person in front of them is not a professional fighter. However, if you're talking about professionally, the answer is NO! Because they are two distinct sports.

Do bulky muscles help in combat?

Simply because speed and power, not large muscles, win fights. They can assist you get as far as haunting your opponent's mind. They will keep the regular people at bay and most will not try to initiate a fight with you, but taking pride and flexing in front of mirrors is not always in your best interests because you never know who is behind you waiting their turn to gaze in the mirror.

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Any Of These Women


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