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At Last| News About Omicron Symptoms Come out

Date: 30/11/21



As most of the country knows by now there is a new coronavirus variant that has been discovered in South Africa. Initially it had a long name but it was renamed to omicron by the world Health organisation as it was identified as a variant of potential danger. Since then, many things have not been known about the virus but finally, information about the symptoms have come out.


Scientists have revealed early information of how the omicron virus is said to be less troublesome than the Delta variant. It is said that although it is early to conclude, the omicron virus has less severe symptoms than the Delta variant. Infact, the Omicron variant only has mild symptoms.

This is actually very good news for the world as people thought that this new variant will be more deadly than the delta one. It is said that this information is still in the early stages and it should not be taken as gospel but in the next few weeks more information will be revealed as to how bad the Omicron virus actually is.

The fact that it is less deadly than the Delta variant means that many South Africans can rest easy knowing that they have survived the worst.


The release of this news has removed a lot of fear that many South Africans and the rest of the world have been having around this variant. It seems in the beginning they made it look more deadly and actually currently is. This is because of the major panic caused by people who are less informed by the matter.

If this why variant turns out to be less deadly that the Delta one, it would mean that the president of South Africa and the national coronavirus command Council made a good call by leaving the county on level one. This also could mean that the country could enjoy less strict lockdown restrictions this festive season.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think this virus variant was exegeratted?

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