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Weight Lose

How To Lose Weight Step by Step Guide

Taking a step to lose weight requires time,dedication and discipline.It can be challenging in the beginning stages but it gets better with time

▪Firstly you need to be mentally prepared for the process and be willing to put in the work

▪Be patient.One thing you should know is that losing weight the healthiest way doesn't happen overnight it takes time and patience

▪The time it takes depends on how much work you're willing to put in

Importance of reducing the body fat

•Reasons why you should lose or reduce the extra body fat is because being overweight leads to serious health consequences such as fatty liver disease,high cholesterol,high blood pressure,heart disease and a reduced life span

What are steps one should take to lose weight?

•You need to watch what you eat,drink and take part in physical activities.Keep in mind that a good diet alone won't get you anywhere close to where you want to be

•Reason why you need to be selective about the type of foods you eat is because what you put on the inside will reflect on the outside.You are what you eat

Best foods for weight loss

•Whole Eggs

•White Fish

•Chicken breast

•Lean beef

•Turkey breast

•Beans and legumes

•Leafy Greens

•Boiled Potatoes


•Dark chocolate

▪Cut down on carbs and oily foods

▪Eat enough fruits and steamed vegetables

▪Drink water before,during and after meals

▪Substitute your everyday 3 big meals with 4/5 small meals per day

▪Eat slowly

List of foods and drinks to avoid

•White bread

•White rice

•Fried potatoes






•Sports drinks



▪Exercise should be a part of your lifestyle

▪A good diet should be balanced with some physical work

▪Physical activity helps in maintaining weight loss,burning colories,decreasing abdominal fat and total body fat

▪Start slow with what you have at home

List of great exercises for burning calories


•Fast walks



•Weight training

▪Have control,be patient and consistent.

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