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My Vaccine Symptoms Are Worse Than My Covid-19 Symptoms, South African Woman Reveals.

A woman is complaining about her vaccine side effects saying they are heavier than she can describe, she says she cannot even get out of bed and worst part she did not even feel any of this when she had COVID-19. There are some people who feel like the vaccine is more painful than the virus itself, Well some people do not even experience any of the side effects and say the vaccine does not give anything like that.

One thing for sure is that this vaccine is different and it reacts differently to different individuals, that is why some people do not get any side effects all some get. That is why you even find out that some people die after taking the vaccine because it triggers somethings that were never meant to be triggered, so at the end of the day it seems like it's not the vaccine that kills people but whatever side effects that it comes along with.

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