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The Government Introduces the Vaccination Certification: What Does it Mean To Those Unvaccinated?

Over the past month, there has been controversy around covid19 and the vaccine.

While others believe that the vaccine is meant to fight the spread of covid19, others still believe that the Covid19 vaccine is associated with the New World Order conspiracy theories. Have a look at the presumed time frame according to the New World Order:

What is a vaccination certificate?

A vaccination certificate is an acknowledgment that s person successfully is vaccinated. This certificate is delivered to a person immediately after taking the first jab.

This is how the certificate looks like:

What does this mean for those who are not vaccinated? Should they worry?

According to South African law, the Constitution is the supreme law, and any conduct or law inconsistent with it will be deemed unconstitutional. The Constitution provides that no one should be forced to take medication.

"Nobody will be forced to take this vaccine, no one will be forbidden to travel where ever they want to travel to I clouding enrolling at school or from taking part in any public activity if they have not been vaccinated. Nobody will be given this vaccine against their will, nor will be the vaccine be administered in secret or in some dark corners.. anyone who is spreading those rumours should stop as they are dangerous", this is what President Cyril Ramaphosa said when addressing the nation.

The link between the vaccine and the New World Order is conspiracy theories that continue to cause confusion in the country. The Covid19 affected all the countries worldwide, the administrator is not plotting anything through the covid nor vaccination process. Anyone can object and will not be forced to take it.

Those who are not vaccinated should not worry about getting vaccinated. However, the law has exceptions and may limit a right if that is reasonable and justifiable to do so. Employers however may dismiss an employee who doesn't want to get vaccinated. This is because employers are businessmen or women who prioritize the interests of a business.

If for example you owned a company and all the staff members were vaccinated and there is one member who is not vaccinated, nor fails to follow the protocols the person will be high risk in a business as he or she will have more chances of spreading a virus to others which will put a business in risk.

What is next?

As we all know that the vaccination was a mass trial or experiment, those who have taken the jab will take another one on specified dates. No one will be forced to take a vaccine, that conduct will be consistent with the laws.

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