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The New Marburg Virus will be in South Africa sooner if this does not happen

 The New Marburg Virus will be in South Africa sooner if this does not happen

More bad news for Africa, Health authorities in Guinea (west African country) confirmed yesterday that there has already been a case of Marburg virus disease in the southern Gueckedou prefecture. This is the first time Marburg, what is it exactly? Marburg is a highly infectious disease that causes haemorrhagic fever, has been identified in the country, and in West Africa.

Marburg is reportedly one of the dangerous viruses that can be grouped with the likes of Ebola. Unfortunately they detected this new virus just after that country (Guinea) declared an end to an Ebola outbreak that erupted earlier this year. 

The samples were taken from a patient that has already died due to this Marburg virus and were then tested by a field laboratory in Gueckedou as well as Guinea’s national haemorrhagic fever laboratory the results can back positive for the Marburg. 

According to reports the further analysis by the Institut Pasteur in Senegal confirmed the result. This is becoming a very big problem for Africa as they failed to champion the Ebola for a very long time and now that it's gone, boom a new virus is detected.

This call for nothing but to be extra careful as African countries because we are yet to get enough vaccination for the Covid 19. We really can not be fighting two viruses with a very poor budget as Africans. We need to shut down the country with an immediate effect and try by all means to limit risky people traveling around the world. 

Here are the symptoms of the Marburg Virus| The illness begins abruptly, with a very serious fever, . Do not take headache lightly, malaise, most patients develop severe haemorrhagic signs that were seen before the 7th day.

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