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'See What A Doctor Did To A Lady During Consultation That Made Mzansi Blast Him

A woman's account of her experience with a physician has generated significant online discussion.

A medical professional, she claims, depressed her. Say that you're curious and not that you want to know if she's having Intimacy. Many people disliked it when he relied solely on physical means of communication. Having any elderly individuals sleep with you is a poor idea.

To use words like "sick" is unbecoming of someone with the medical training of a doctor. A woman felt threatened during that session, and now his employment is in jeopardy as a result of his actions. Several people have recently advised her to file a report against him because of how inappropriate his actions were.

Since patients often remove their clothing during consultations, this was seen as highly inappropriate by many. Because of this, it turned out badly. The implications of his familiarity with this language are unclear.

This physician has become too complacent. Some people are more easily offended than others, so it's crucial to learn where to draw the line and when to quit working with them.


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