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Sangoma in Philippi uses horse kak to heal this. Check here


Sangoma Sonwabile Mxokozeli says his predecessors direct him on the best way to blend his muthi. Photograph by Lulekwa Mbadamane. 

IN HIS 25 years as a sangoma, Sonwabile Mxokozeli (41) has helped numerous individuals utilizing horse pee and kak! 

Mxokozeli from Sweet Home in Philippi said individuals think the pony excrement and pee are simply fertilizer, however it can really mend the debilitated. 


He guaranteed a few group who had diabetes and hypertension were recuperated by his muthi, which he gets from his neighbor, who keeps ponies. 

"It even assists a man with a powerless 4-5," he said. 

Mxokozeli said he didn't simply take it from the pony stable and offer it to his customers. 

"I should measure and blend it in with some muthi and afterward offer it to my customers. A few, who had diabetes, returned with declarations that they are recuperated," he said. 

He said he was drawn nearer by an emergency clinic that needed to work with him after he mended a portion of its patients. 

"I was unable to go along with them since they offered me just R4 000 every month, which was nearly nothing. My progenitors wouldn't permit me to do that." 

Melton September (54), who keeps ponies nearby, affirmed that sangomas go to his place requesting horse fertilizer and pee. 

"They use it for their muthi. I don't charge them for it since they are helping the wiped out," said Melton. 

Mxokozeli said individuals can't simply eat the pony excrement and desire to improve. 

"I work with my predecessors who control me on the best way to utilize the pony kak. They direct me which muthi to blend in with the fertilizer for it to work," he said.

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