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OPINION | It is my constitutional right to refuse to take the vaccine and no one must bribe me

Did you know? Vooma voucher has been doubled to R200 for people who are 50 yrs and older and vaccinating for the very first time #VaccinateToSaveSouthAfrica ~ South African Government

It is my constitutional right to refuse to take the vaccine, just as it is your right to choose to get vaccinated you could get the virus and spread it even if you are vaccinated. People are dying, vaccinated and unvaccinated from Covid. But if the government and the vaccinated citizens are so confident that their vaccine is the solution and could stop this pandemic, why does it bother them (you) if some of us choose not to be vaccinated?You are protected then aren't you, so why try to make it mandatory and take our rights away? Natural immunity is the most effective. But I respect your right to get vaccinated, so respect our rights to reject or refuse it. In our household my husband and uncle are vaccinated, but my kids and I are not and it is all by choice

I have come to the realisation that people who jumped to get the vaccine, think now they are superior to the rest of us, thinking that everything would go back to normal as soon as they got the jab. Which didn't happen still they scream and shout and in the process making the rest feel inferior for not taking it. Are they now super angry that they will have to take booster shots every now and again? Or is it because the lights finally came on and now having doubts about what they did to themselves and their bodies, so screaming some more will let the rest decide otherwise, so they don't feel alone with whatever they got through a jab?These vaccination stories are getting on my last nerve, why don't they report about stolen billions that never got recovered or about the fact that our laws are so messed up, that it protects criminals instead of innocent civilians. Ramaphosa had previously, in February, said: “I want to be clear, nobody will be forced to take this vaccine, I want to repeat, nobody will be forced to take this vaccine. Nobody will be forbidden from travelling to wherever they want to travel to, including from enrolling at school, or from taking part in any public activity if they have not been vaccinated. Now he is seeing that he messed that is why he is now bribing people with R200 vooma vouchers, just imagine selling your soul. Pfizer bribed by billions to kill people with their poisonous vaccines if it's not poisonous vaccines then why forced people to vaccinate, vaccinations seems as death sentence why still force people to vaccinate though your vaccines failed on first covid19? I heard that Omicron variant is stronger than your vaccines but still mandate people to vaccinate, what is the use of being vaccinated with something that won't protect against covid19 instead weakens immune system?

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