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One woman discovered something disturbing while packaging the vaccine.


The vaccine's chemicals are currently the subject of heated controversy, with some sources stating they are harmless and others alleging they are harmful to humans. While the discussion rages on throughout the world, a new video that went popular on social media recently appears to show us something concerning regarding vaccination ingredients. Here's what one woman discovered, and why it's bad news for vaccine recipients.

The alarming video and its history:

A video recently surfaced online that depicted something alarming; it was quickly taken down, with only those attempting to refute it uploading it. I'm not sure why it was taken down, but that's a red flag that needs to be investigated.

We witness a woman who appears to work in the medical sector open a box of vaccines in the video, which you can watch by clicking on the link below. While everything appears to be normal at first, she quickly reveals that the information leaflet, which is intended to provide safety information and ingredients, is actually blank. This strikes me as odd because I don't see why they would want to provide an instruction and ingredient leaflet but not print anything on it. Click the link below to watch the video, or keep reading to learn more.

Those that try to disprove her include:

People who have spoken out against the film have stated that the leaflet contains a QR code that can be scanned to obtain information. While many products include QR codes, none of the medicines do, and they always provide information for those who do not have smartphones. While I am unable to confirm or deny any vaccine theories. I find it strange that a product that is so hotly disputed and at the center of so many disputes does not offer information on its contents or administration techniques.

What are your thoughts on these observations? Let me know in the comments area, and stay tuned for more lifestyle news as it breaks.

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