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It Has Been A Full Year Since The First Recorded Coronavirus Case In South Africa

On the year 2019 towards the end of the year, the whole world found out about a virus that was killing people in China. By the time it was discovered that it the Coronavirus, a lot of people had succumbed to the virus.

It quickly grew into a pandemic that had spread over to many countries. We saw Spain being hit hard by the virus where hundreds of people succumbed on a daily basis.

Then it was Iran, it too had some of the worst coronavirus cases. Then USA was next. It was only a matter of time till it reached our shores and other countries as well.

Sadly South Africa was no exception as last on the 5th of March we had our first positive Coronavirus case in KZN.Today marks a full year since the virus was discovered in South Africa and KZN is now the epicenter of the virus.

When it was first discovered the government implemented a complete lockdown of the country. Social distancing became a number one priority.

The lockdown event began with some of the most hardest levels to go through. That would be the first level which was level 5 and it looked like the lockdown event was helping to some extend.

Despite the predictions that it would be worse in Africa, we defied the odds and made it through the first wave of infections. We had a lot of people who tested positive for the virus but we also had a very high recovery rate.

This means that although a lot of people where infected with the virus, a lot of them had little no no symptoms and those who got sick where able to treat themselves back to health.

Since then we have also tried a lot of things to try and prevent the virus from spreading further and we had been successful to some extend as well.

We started to have problems again late last year when we went through a second wave of infections as the virus had developed a new strand in South Africa.

We have since had our president working with various states including the WHO to try and get a vaccine that could help decrease the spread of the virus.

The rollout plan was set that the vaccine would first be given to frontline workers as they are the ones who are most exposed to the virus as they deal with coronavirus patients everyday.

Since it's discovery a lot of health care workers have since lost their lives due to the Coronavirus all over the world. This would include the doctor who discovered what the virus was.

Sadly the first batch of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine wasn't effective as it was not made for the new strand of the virus. Another plan had to be made.

That is when they went for the Johnson and Johnson coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine has to be effective so far and as of now a lot of people have received that vaccine, that includes the President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa.

A year later and we still facing the virus with hope that it will be over soon. The world is very resilient and people have survived viruses like this before.

In 1918 there was also a deadly virus in a form of an influenza. Spain was hit the hardest. The virus was then named the Spanish flu and with it people from all over the world died.

Viruses come and go all the time but still mankind remains. At this point we just have to take care of ourselves long enough for the virus to pass because it will at some point.

Despite all the research over the last year, patient zero has not been identified as of yet. So many people have died and since they didn't know what it was at first, chances are patient zero has long succumbed to the virus.

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