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Hospital in trouble after testing unproven drugs on COVID-19 patients without their consent


The world is fighting a pandemic, which has destroyed many lives over the past months. It’s always unfortunate for anyone to lose their loved ones and even dive into a long-term illness. Without any doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has overstayed within this world, and until this day no one can make peace with anything that is brought into their lives. This is the time that the health care facilities and workers are needed to deliver the goods, in terms of helping out any ill individuals. However, it’s worse when the trusted health care personnel have been linked with alleged illegal activities that won’t end the high spread of the virus.

Now, it has been reported that a hospital is being investigated following the allegations that they tested unproven drugs on elderly COVID-19 patients without their knowledge in the past couple of weeks. This has led the Brazilian agency that regulates health insurance plans to look further into this issue as they’re suspecting foul play within the hospital chain. As the regulator’s director spoke to the Senate inquiry about the incidents within the hospital. This is believed that it’s the first time that the regulatory agency wanted to investigate the claims of wrongdoings at Prevent Senior. Which is regarded as one of the biggest health care chains in the Sao Paulo area and has served a lot of patients over the years. 

When such allegations broke, things had to be taken seriously since there are people’s lives at risk, if such things don’t get stopped. According to, there are about nine people that have lost their lives due to the COVID-19 trials at Prevent Senior from March to April 2020. Reports are stating that their charts were altered to hide the cause of their death. Following ten whistleblowing doctors that told their lawyer about horrible information. Then the lawyer made sure that the inquiry gets such information in hope that there will prosecution done towards the hospital. It is believed that the head of the National Regulatory Agency for Private Health Insurance Plans (ANS), Paulo Rebello Filho stated that his staff had detected “assistance abnormalities” that occurred at Prevent Senior, which has now led to the health chain to be put under special technical supervision until the investigation is complete.

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Date: 07/10/2021

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