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“You Are Not Covid-19 Immune” — Tito Mboweni Tells Those Who Are Vaccinated

Mr Tito Mboweni, the ex-finance minister today, shocked Twitter users when he announced that some people who are already vaccinated, out of ignorance, think they are immune to Coronavirus. He noted that they are all wrong, declaring that Coronavirus vaccine does not make you immune to the virus. Mr Tito Mboweni took to his Twitter handle to release this information this night to his numerous Twitter followers, so that most of them who are vaccinated can begin to correct the notion that they are Covid-19 immune. He advised that people must observe all the necessary precautions and safety measures, even if they are already vaccinated. He cautioned against those who took the vaccine and are now behaving as if they are now immune to the disease. The financial guru used the medium to caution them to be careful because they can also contract the virus as well, even if they are vaccinated.

Mr Tito Mboweni may be reacting to the recent news making round on social media that some people who are vaccinated have died of Coronavirus. Even a popular nurse in Western Cape who is reputed to be the first person in South Africa to ever accept the coronavirus vaccine has also died from the virus just few days ago. This is why the former minister is coming to clear the air and put people right that they must observe all the precautions even though they are fully vaccinated. He wrote, “There are people who, from ignorance, think that after being jabbed, they are COVID-19 immune. Wrong. Please keep the non-pharmaceutical procedures. Listen to our government directives. Please. This war is serious!”. Tito Mboweni have been using his Twitter platform to urge South Africans to go and get vaccinated as soon as possible, saying that the war against Coronavirus is real. He once said that many people he knew including family members, friends and well-wishers have died as a result of Coronavirus. He therefore pleaded with the people to take the fight seriously.

Many South Africans are always asking for the relevance of the vaccine, since people who are vaccinated can still get Coronavirus and die as others who are not vaccinated. Someone wrote, “We see you Honourable Mboweni you have been for a while politely advocating for the non-pharmaceutical management of the virus. I know you support steaming too & African herbs. Anyone who appreciates Indigenous Knowledge Systems(IKS) to be at the centre of solutions, is a friend”. 

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