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More than 100 doctors trained overseas have been blocked by the Health Professions Council of South.

Pretoria - More than 100 specialists prepared abroad have been impeded by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) from rehearsing in South Africa due to certain arrangement rules. 

They have dispatched pressing court procedures in a bid to be enlisted as clinical experts. 

The gathering – some of whom have been in an in-between state since 2019 – will go to the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria toward the month's end. 

They need to forbid the HPCSA and the Medical and Dental Professional Board from conjuring the arrangements of the New Pathway Policy Guideline for unfamiliar prepared specialists, taken on in June last year, which keeps them from composing their passing tests. 

The gathering said the HPCSA in any occasion couldn't hold them to those rules on the grounds that another adjudicator in a comparative application had saved the arrangements. 


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The specialists said in court papers that they just needed to compose the necessary clinical tests needed for unfamiliar prepared specialists, booked for the following month. 

The HPCSA, nonetheless, is declining to select them for this. 

The clinical guard dog is denying them from being enrolled as wellbeing specialists on the premise that they should follow the arrangements of the New Pathway Policy Guideline. 

Dr Nabiela Ragooloo, who qualified as a specialist at Anna Medical College in Mauritius in 2019, said in court papers that she and different candidates were tensely holding back to rehearse medication. 

Be that as it may, they couldn't on the grounds that they were being banned from composing the necessary section tests to be enrolled in South Africa. 

She said in light of the fact that the nation frantically required specialists, it was in the public interest that unfamiliar qualified specialists compose the fundamental tests so they could officially enroll with the HPCSA. 

She said the tests ought not be required to be postponed on account of the refusal by the wellbeing body to permit them consent to participate in the tests or assessments. 

Every one of the candidates are South African residents and have moved on from clinical preparing organizations situated in China, Mauritius, Romania, Ukraine and Malaysia. 

Ragooloo said it was clear that the obstacle to the enlistment of unfamiliar qualified specialists was brought about by the execution of the New Pathway Policy Guideline. 

Since this rule is presently not relevant on the grounds that it was before upset by the court, the HPCSA has not welcomed them to sit for the tests. 

Every one of their enquiries in such manner stayed unanswered and they presently must choose the option to go to court, she said.

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