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Is this Proof That Level 1 Wasn't Just For The Elections? See Latest Information

Date: 12/10/21



A week ago when the president of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa had one of his national addresses, he decided to move South Africa down to level one of the lockdown.

According to his decision this was because the country had reduced in the number of infections and it was ready to have more freedoms given back to its people.

South Africans however thought this was just for the elections so that people can go and vote especially after he increased the people for outside activities to 2000. That however may not totally be true.


South Africa's latest cases of the Coronavirus have somehow proven that indeed the move to level one was not purely motivated by the elections. If Cyril Ramaphosa decided to move the country to level one because of the elections, we would have seen cases surge each and every day. That however has not happened.


Ever since the country entered level one of the lockdown, new cases have been well below 1000 a day and fewer people have been dying due to the virus. This is further proof that the move to level one was not just for the elections. When you also look at the graph of current infections below you can see that South Africa currently has less than 50,000 people infected with the virus.

This also shows that the numbers have decreased and as you can see, the graph of the third Wave has almost reached a point where it can flatten. All this proves that there was more to the decisions of moving the country to level 1.


It may be true that part of the reason why the president increase the number of people on outdoor activities from 500 to 2000 is because of the election but also there is scientific evidence to back the move.

This then proves that the president of South Africa made a very well informed decision that will benefit them when it comes to the elections and benefit the people's needs when it comes to freedom of movement.

What is your take on the matter at hand? Do you still believe the elections repealing the motivation of the move to level one?

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