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Serious Reasons Why Everyone Have To Test For HIV.

"I AM PROUD TO KNOW MY HIV STATUS" it sounds very good if you can hear a person saying that , because it clearly tells that , the person is really taking care of himself or herself. 

Most of our youth , when you tell them about the importance of getting tested , they refuse with different reasons . 

Walking on earth knowing your HIV status - is one of the reasons which inspires people to have energy, joy, and peace to keep moving on with their status . 

Taking your ARV's everyday instills life and hope in you . You will be forever smiling, because you are doing what is right and brave to take such brilliant decision to live a positive life. 

People have a tangible reason why they should celebrate life fully - because being HIV Positive for years has been one of the awkward journey they had and experienced , but they alive and living their life to the fullest . 

Obviously the journey has its ups and downs - but lot of people and activists are still standing strong and capable irrespective of the "Virus . 

Be determined and responsible to live and lead a positively - and adhering to your treatment adequately fuels the passion to admire life, and embrace it with gratitude irrespective of your HIV Status. 

HIV is not killing anymore but to beat it completely in our society it up to us as human beings to go tested , when you receive a positive results , you need to live and associates with people who are in a similar situation so you will get advice on , how do you live with HIV while you are enjoying your life without being stressed . 

Please people let's get tested and Change the world to be the best .

Content Written and compiled by Life1059FM via Opera News Hub . 

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