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(OPINION) The 4th wave of Corona virus is Allegedly a Big Lie - see why

We have had it with this Corona virus that is supposedly never ending. It is ending people's lives and leaving is poor to the point where we do not know when and what to expect anymore.

We are at a point where we thing Corona is getting better but we have been told that the worst is yet to come. When is the 4th wave of Corona virus coming?? Does it even exist or is it only use to instill fear in our minds?

We have been told about 4th wave that is about to hit the planet and we have been waiting. We know that we are approaching December ad that people might forget the rules about corona but is the 4th wave? I honestly do not think the 4th wave exist

I just think that the people in high powers are just trying to scare everyone so that the cases do not drastically rise during the December holidays

What's your take on the matter? Do you think the 4th wave will come or we are just being blinded?? Please drop your comments below. Tell us what you think about the 4th wave that is allegedly coming to South Africa.


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