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Please Pray For Millicent Makhado: Look At What She's Going Through After Being Vaccinated


Some people are terrified of getting vaccinated as a result of the large number of vaccines that are shared on television. Many people have taken them to the television to educate others about the vaccine's side effects. Human bodies are known to react differently to immunizations, which explains why some people have adverse effects while others do not. The government, on the other hand, claims that no one has died as a result of the vaccine.

Millicent Makhado, best known for her role as Agnes in Muvhango, posted her tale on Twitter, inviting people to join her in doing something she never believed she could do.

Millicent contracted the Corona virus 43 days after beginning school. Fortunately, he was able to recover. He was reluctant to get vaccinated because of conspiracy theories circulated on social media, but now that the government appears to be forcing people to get vaccinated, she decided to give him his first shot yesterday.

People can't stand it because of all the things they always say they go through. She is terrified of what will happen when she receives her first injection. She took her to a social media site to ask for prayers because she was afraid for her life. Good morning, everyone. I'd like to ask for your prayers. "COVID was discovered in my system 43 days ago. I went to get the COVID immunization today "she sent out a tweet

Many people are concerned about him and wish him well. See what others have to say about it in the comments section below:

How do you feel about the vaccine? Do you believe there is anything to be concerned about, or are they simply exaggerating? Please leave your thoughts in the box below.

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