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Mogoeng says he cured couple of HIV/Aids with prayer

Mogoeng Mogoeng says he cured couple of HIV/Aids with prayer (

Former chief justice Mogoeng Mogoeng claims he has cured multiple HIV/Aids. 

Mogoeng said this at some stage in a religious cope with in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, on 22 November.

Mogoeng claims the man and lady were cured after he prayed for them.

“When I was a young Christian, my worker and his wife had been struck with HIV/Aids and their baby died. They have become thin. I stated let me pray for this. ‘In the name of Jesus the spirit of HIV/Aids depart’,” stated Mogoeng. 

Mogoeng said the evidence he had that the couple have been not infected was he noticed the couple a while later searching “fats”.

The couple reportedly advised him they had no longer taken any medicinal drug and their health became restored after he prayed for them.

Mogoeng additionally stated he healed a relative of the couple who was too susceptible to raise herself away from bed.

He additionally claimed that prayer did now not constantly paintings.

“I don’t realize why, however on occasion it works,” said Mogoeng.

Walter Sisulu University head of branch for public health inside the college of health sciences, Professor Francis Hyera, advised News24 that there was no proof to again up Mogoeng’s declare that he cured HIV/Aids.

Hyera also stated Mogoeng couldn't say the couple became cured due to the fact they'd received weight, and that the former leader justice needed to provide medical proof to returned up his claims.

“There are many human beings in many countries claiming they cured HIV/Aids with prayer, however what all of them lack is proof,” stated Hyera.


This isn't always the first time Mogoeng has made arguable remarks.

In December 2020, Mogoeng changed into criticised after suggesting Covid-19 vaccines were associated with the satan.

“I’m crying unto God, if there may be any vaccine, I don’t need it. I’m crying unto God. These are the give up times in keeping with we, Christians, so if there's any vaccine with 666, I need God to smash it. If there is any vaccine intended to corrupt the DNA of the humans, I’m asking God [to deal with it],” Mogoeng stated.

In Christianity, 666 is thought to be the mark of the satan.

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In November, Mogoeng also criticised the government’s dealing with of Covid-19.

Mogoeng raised worries about authorities’s reliance at the Disaster Management Act and the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) to control the coronavirus.

He stated Parliament ought to be preserving the executive accountable for the decisions it takes regarding lockdowns and vaccines, and no longer the NCCC. Mogoeng added that the NCCC changed into an unconstitutional body.

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In March, Mogoeng changed into ordered by using the Judicial Conduct Committee (JCC) to retract and apologise for pro-Israel utterances he made in 2020 at a webinar hosted through The Jerusalem Post.

In June last 12 months, Mogoeng said he had an duty, as a Christian, to like and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

During the webinar, he become asked to touch upon the diplomatic courting among South Africa and Israel and whether he agreed with the former’s overseas policy in terms of the latter.

In responding, he stated: “I am beneath an duty as a Christian to like Israel, to hope for the peace of Jerusalem, which honestly approach the peace of Israel. I cannot, as a Christian, do anything aside from love and pray for Israel because I understand hatred for Israel by way of me and my nation can best entice extraordinary curses upon our kingdom.”

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Additional reporting by Bernadette Wicks

Content created and supplied by: Member06 (via Opera News )

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