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How did she not see what was in the water see what was it

When it's sunny and your body can't take it anymore and there's a river or dam just close by, you would end up deciding to go take a dive and swim to cool off that body and get refreshed. Heat can cause skin cancer if not by the shade when it's hot or even worse heat stroke.

But it seems this lady went to take a swim with her boyfriend on the wrong dam as there were things in the dam and according to the screenshot from this post from social media and this is what was posted, "only after I had jumped in did I realize there are snakes inside, actually realized it after a while when something was moving next to my feet. How my bf didn't pick this up because he was not I the water I don't understand," reads the post.

You can even see as she tries to swim out of the water looking at this screenshots from her post, she's one lucky lady to live and tell the story because she would of just dissaperd and never be recovered the same day until the snake release her.

Even this lady is asking the same question on how did she survive this, she's lucky.

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