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Unexpected: This is the lockdown level that is to be placed during the festive season(Opinion)


As much as all COVID-19 related cases are are hazardous, celebration and recognition has to occur if these stats are low. South Africa is currently under lockdown level 1 as we approach the festive season. At the rate that we are going, we might still be under lockdown level 1 during the course of the festive season of which this is a good thing. Partial proof of this is yesterday's COVID-19 stats. Image

In just 24 hours, SA recorded 619 new Covid-19 cases.

SA also documented 619 new confirmed cases of Covid-19. The total number of coronavirus cases in the country now stands at 2,916,179.

7 Covid-19-related deaths were also reported in the country, bringing the overall death toll to 88,587. Since the beginning of the vaccination rollout, a total of 20,179,370 vaccines have been given out, with 2,804,676 vaccine recoveries. When we compare these numbers to prior figures, we can see that the country is on the correct route.

It is true that precious lives were lost but at the same time, we are beginning to see progress. See the source image

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