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A lady took her baby to Delmas hospital for diarrhea, he came back with no hand

It is alleged that the lady took her kid last week Tuesday at Delmas Hospital since the baby was having a diarrhea, when they got there they inserted a drip into the baby's hand, they also put her in incubator because the baby was dehydrated.

The mother had to sleep on the separate room from the baby, she only came to the room when she had to feed or change the baby's diaper. When she got to the room to feed the baby she found blood all over the bed when she asked what happened they said the baby pulled the drip from his hand. The hand started swelling then they told her she mustn't worry it will get away soon.

The hand kept on getting bigger and had blisters, it even changed the color to black. Now the doctors started panicking and they transferred the baby to witbank hospital. When they got there they told her that the hand is already damaged, it's not going to function anymore they have to cut it off. Indeed the doctors did cut the hand off.

Now the lady is asking for advice on what to do with the Delmas Hospital because they ruined her baby's life, there's no way a two weeks old baby can pull out a drip, he is not that strong hense the baby was weak already from the diarrhea.

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