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L00k what they do after you give them cash, be exhorted not to give anybody cash

Companions, We are moving toward the happy season. At the point when somebody's parent or gogo requests a virus drink, if it's not too much trouble, proceed to get it yourself and offer it to them. This thing of giving them cash basop, we are living in a different universe. Hello, don't say I didn't caution you. 

I prompt you not to simply give anybody your cash, since some place, certain individuals are wanting to do evil with your cash and you will wind up crying. 

"I once acquired my companion's cash, yet it finished in tears. She brought it back while accomplishing something awful with it, and my cash began to vanish. Just to discover that she accomplished something awful. I wound up going to chapel and they appealed to God for me, and it never vanished again. Individuals are so merciless over here. Concerning me, I won't ever give individuals cash due to what I have realized. My companion showed me something new that I will always remember. "A Facebook adherent said

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