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The importance of preventing mother to child transmission of HIV

Nkosi Johnson was 12 years old when he passed away after having Aids. He was born in Johannesburg and was an HIV activist since he was born with HIV. Nowadays life has become easier for people when it comes to the transmission of HIV. Treatment has been discovered to lower a person's viral load and prevent the rapid spread of HIV amongst the population. Antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) are used by people who are HIV positive, Nevirapine (NVP) is used by children who are born from HIV positive mothers to prevent the transmission and replication of the virus during birth and breastfeeding. It is important for pregnant mothers to immediately start their treatment in order to protect their babies from contracting the virus. It becomes strange when a child is born with HIV because the mother was in denial and didn't take her treatment, as a result her child suffered. Let's be considerate and think about our kids to avoid having kids who grow up with the virus. Motherhood must start during pregnancy, prioritizing our child's health must start during pregnancy when we try by all means to adhere to our treatment and break the cycle. We know that there are many ways of contracting the virus as we grow older but let's not deprive our kids the opportunity to observe a single line during an HIV test by not taking our medication during pregnancy. Kids are a blessing from God so don't you wish to protect your blessing from being born with HIV?

Let's stop mother to child transmission by taking our medication and giving our kids their meds, NVP.

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