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Remedy to stop many negative energies in your body. Find out how with senna leaves

Please use below senna pods and senna leaves if you have sejeso/sejesho/isidliso

Or if you have problems period, brown discharge use them.

If you had miscarriage use them.

If you have a problem of your punani always dry use it.

If you are struggling to conceive use them.

If you have a problem of stomach pains use them

If you have a problem of back pain use them.

Feet sore use them.

Chest pain use them.

If you are experiencing wet dreams because of tokoloshi use this mixture to remove dirty blood.

Instruction boil them for 40 minutes mix them with 1 litre milk let it cool then drink.

Make them strong surf leaves ( filter the leaves ) do not drink the leaves. This mixture works wonders.

Only positive testimonies have been posted so far by everyone who has tried the remedy

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