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Man Prophesies What Is Coming After The Vaccine

A man has prophesied about what is coming in the near future. No one would have thought that the things that only seem to happen in movies would happen in real life, that is wearing masks wherever we go. If someone had told you a few years back that a time would come when everyone would be required to wear a mask whenever in public, would you have believed them? I doubt not.

You would have labeled that person as a conspiracy theorist. However you would be the one wrong due to ignorance. Hence history is repeating itself again. This man and many more other people are stating that without a mask you cannot enter shops. Which is true, we see this with all the major branded shops.

Next is the vaccine, and without the vaccine you will not be able to work. This is what is coming. To those of you who don't believe this, do you remember when they said there won't be any Covid passports, well guess what, that is what they are implementing. President's all over the world are approving Covid passports. So it's only a matter of time.

Last but not least, without the microchip you will have no rights. Those who are Bible believing Christians know the verse concerning the antichrist which says he causes both small and great to have a mark either on their right hand or forehead, and without the mark no man can sell or buy. However Christians will not be there to experience this phase as they will be raptured.

So please take this prophecy serious. If you think that things will be normal again, you are only fooling yourself. This is the world's new normal. If you have any doubts on this issue be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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