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Skin Care

Food that can cause you to develop acne and pimples, here is what you need to know


We tend to eat foods without considering what harm they cause to our bodies. Most people go for soda drinks and mineral water. That attitude has caused majority of young people to have problems with their kidneys from a very young age. This time you will know what kind of foods to avoid eating to help yourself from getting acne breakouts.

Before we start you need to remember that drinking too much water helps with oily skin. The more water you drink during the day is the more you skin gets to breath. You need to have sweat to know if your skin is healthy or not. Failing to sweat on a hot day could mean that your skin will likely to develop acne or pimples.

Avoid drinking soda since the ingredients in diet soda causes inflammation in the body. Which among other things, can prompt break-outs. This stuff may also lower your body’s pH, which can also cause worsening acne. Take two litres of water daily instead of soda.

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