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If You Continue To Eat Too Much Eggs, You Are Likely To Suffer From These 3 Diseases

1. As a result, you will become more resistant to insulin. 

Eggs are greasy because they have a natural fat in them. Eggs include lipids in them that, if ingested in large amounts, can harm a person's blood sugar levels. They might increase your insulin resistance, which is a sign that your body isn't properly utilizing the sugar in your blood for energy. 

2 Your cholesterol levels may rise as a result of this

One large egg has 186 milligrams of cholesterol, which is more than half of the traditional daily cholesterol recommendation of 300 mg. It's possible that this will result in your blood's cholesterol level rising.The yolk of an egg is more significant than nearly anything else when it comes to focusing on your heart. Eggs continue to be unusual in this regard because bad cholesterol typically increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

3 Another study discovered that consuming more eggs or dietary cholesterol was linked to a higher risk of death and cardiovascular disease. Consuming charred eggs in moderation is a responsible decision.


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