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South African Celebrities affected by HIV/AIDS | Read their stories


It is shocking to see the HIV/AIDS stats in South Africa these days, not just the overall numbers but the news about 1300 young girls testing positive each and every week. This is a disaster for our future as a nation. The government looks like they are giving up on our youth as they no longer encourage them to Abstain or at least condomise.

There are so many South African celebrities trying by all means to create awareness about this chronic disease called AIDS, but recently it seems as if no one cares any more. The introduction of Prep was also not given so much attention as the government officials are also not advertising it to the nation as a solution to stop the spread of the virus. All eyes are currently facing the Covid 19, while HIV/AIDS is spreading like never before.

We have organisations and individuals that are always giving motivations and sharing their stories about how the virus has affected their lives, celebrities and recently there are beautiful social media influencers disclosing their statuses to the nation with the aim of encouraging everyone to get tested and try save those who are still negative.

Here is the list of our celebrities affected with HIV/AIDS in South Africa:

Phindile Spong Sithole

She was our SABC 1 presenter and she revealed that she was shocked to be told that she is positive at the age of 19. Spong was the worried with her chances of getting cancer as the chances of getting cervical cancer were too high at that time for women living with HIV/AIDS. Shocked as she was, Spong was told that she got the virus from her mother, she was born positive. That changed her life but she manage to come out victorious as she never gave up.

Vusi Nova

Trending for his new hair on social media, He is a South African musician loved by many. Nova has a very emotional story that almost took his life, he produced his album titled ‘naninina’ with emotions and that album healed him well as he finally stopped taking drugs to numb the pain of losing his mother. Nova revealed that his mom was HIV positive and when she died he had to lie to everyone because he was too ashamed to divulge that she was positive. His mother was his last hope as his father had died already.

Nokuthula Ledwaba

You may remember her from The Rhythm City, Nokuthula lost her mother too at a very young age due to the Hiv/Aids. She revealed that her mom was willing to take medication but it was not possible because the government was not that able to provide them to everyone at that time. The ARV program was still slow in 2005.

Charlie Sheen

He lost Millions because he was being blackmailed by his girlfriend; he was paying her to keep the secret between them. Unfortunately he ran out of funds and had to make an announcement before her.

Koyo Bala

Was part of a music group that died so fast, Bala revealed that he is positive and as he was sick he couldn’t continue with music. He later died and the group did not survive.

Lesego Motsepe

Isidingo actress playing Zak Matabane’s daughter named Leleti, she was also brave enough to make an announcement live on a national radio show. It was the 1st of December and Lesego told Kaya FM listeners her story, that was 2011 and she died 3 years later, MHRIP.

Fana ‘DJ Khabzela’ Khaba

Another radio announcement that shocked everyone and later he was respected with a National Builder’s award in recognition of his help and contribution to the fight against this chronic disease. He also made his announcement and died later.


Kwaito Star named ZOMBO also came up with a shocking announcement not just on radio but on a live national Television show. He disclosed his HIV status and it was the same story with Lesego and Fana, he died later after his announcement.


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