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Potential National Address Expected Soon - OPINION

There is a possibility that the president will address the country tonight. In the next national address there are a few changes that can be expected.

These changes include :

1. Vaccination.

The government has set a goal for the number of individuals to be vaccinated before the year ends. This goal has not yet beem reached and the government is stiill emcouragimg individuald to get vaccinated.

2. Lockdown level.

There is potential that the lockdown level might be changed to a strict one. There is a possibility that the country can be gaken to level 2 or 3 lockdown.

3. Alcohol sales.

Alcohol sales might be banned because the government government is trying to make slace in hospital beds and to avoid hospital beds being filled by casualties from accidents.

4. Other restrictions.

There might be restrictions imposed on curfew times.

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