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OPINION | I agree with Sahpra that SANDF must return illegal covid vaccines to Cuba

Boom, every mad man wants to help Africa with the supply of vaccines China is now joining dark forces who feign to be angels. Where is everybody when Africa is facing starvation, lack of water, electricity, diseases, lack of healthcare infrastructure and so on. All these damn angelic devils are hovering over the continent using the most avarice contracted leaders who are self-serving. Africa has no leaders but sheer contractors who hand over their public responsibilities to the underworld criminals, what about missing women and children across Africa and atrocities committed to them in some foreign lands? The give and take system give us loans, vaccs, experts etc and then take our infrastructure, land and minerals or mines when the self serving elite fail to honour the agreed agreements. And they think we have no sense, I wish all those who are pro this agenda and evil plan can watch the movie called life is beautiful and see where we are headedWhen they went on with the gainer function research, they forgot black Africans are the beginning of life, and underestimated our immune system our people survive for months and years only eating pap in the morning without anything and pap with the neighbors relish, and we still standing strong, they will drop like flies till they realize it’s not working, we survived Ebola TB and AIDS and all this are white men made diseases for profit. How do you say you saving lives yet you have clause that gives you total indemnity against injury and death from your vaccines, what are we, cars in a parking lot? We pay for parking in a building that is insured, but first warning sign you see is of non liability against theft and injury or damage to your property. You have to look at the testing taking place are African countries testing, and to what extent. Can we trust the information that follows? Death rates, cause of death etc. Other factors may also play a role, but essentially you cannot say that lack of data constitutes lack of Covid science doesn't work like that

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