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Disease prevention and treatment

“The new disease is on it’s way, we have fo be prepared for the worst “ Ra said.

SA has passed a traumatic stage after they had encountered with the virus called covid-19 in which everyone lost their dreams career and some their jobs, they can’t even afford to pay their bills because of what happened, they are failing to put food on the table because of those levels and lockdowns which always recurred since last year in 2020 when corona started spreading so rapidly.

The new disease is on it's way. To prevent it's negative SYMPTOMS we must strengthen our immune system, be intuned with our selves, eat healthier, sungaze, meditate also apply this to our children or it will be deadly to so many unprepared. It's worse,

From vaccines to new diseases. Global warming and Armageddon. This world is doomed. Should we be afraid of dying or being Zombies? What's the ultimate goal? Living in a "heavenly" world as spiritual beings or in a "hellish"disease and virus infested world of poverty and pain? Some commented

This is not fear understand please, however I feel very sorry for everyone who took the shot. What's coming they going to make you take another one on top of the one you have right now. Am just enlightening you before it happens. I swear I am not kidding right now. He said.


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