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Kidney Stone Kills: Here Are 5 Things You Should Avoid While On A Kidney Stone Diet

Reducing the risk of kidney stones isn't hard, but it does take a lot of willpower. A kidney stone is formed when some chemicals in the urine become so concentrated that they can be turned into crystals and form stones. They grow into bigger masses (stones) that can pass through the urinary tract. If the stone gets stuck somewhere and stops the flow of urine, it hurts.

Most stones are formed when calcium and oxalate mix together. People who eat a lot of protein also make uric acid, which makes stones.

1. You should cut back on your salt intake.

In people who have a lot of sodium in their bodies, calcium can build up in their urine. Take care not to eat too much salt, read the labels on processed foods to find out how much sodium they have, and cut down on your fast food.

2. Cut back on added sugar.

Added sugars are sugars and syrups that are added to foods and drinks that have been made. They are sugars and syrups. This could make your risk of kidney stones go up if you eat a lot of sugar and a lot of fruit juice. Cake, fruit, soda, and juices are all foods that are made with sugar. Be careful about how much sugar you eat.

Cut down on how much animal protein you eat.

You make more uric acid when you eat a lot of protein sources like red meat, pork, chicken, turkey, and eggs. Also, if you eat a lot of protein, the amount of citrate in your urine goes down. Citrate's job is to stop kidney stones from forming.

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