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Another Great News For All Those Living With HIV

HIV/AIDS had been living with us for more than four decades now. Many people have died due to the disease in the earlier years as a result of the inavailability of treatment against the disease and/or virus. 

South Africa is one of the leading countries in the world with the most numbers of people infected with the HIV virus and it has been like that for many years. 

After the introduction of ARVs to HIV positive people, a lot of difference was seen in terms of the death rate and number of severe cases among those who are infected with the virus. 

Although cases of AIDS are not as common as they have been in the past years, but the UNAIDS is planning to get rid of AIDS permanently by the year 2030.

These are very great news for all those who have tested positive for HIV because if the UNAIDS' plan comes out successfully, then there will be no more HIV/AIDS related deaths. 

This is because AIDS is the disease that is caused by HIV whereas HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. This means that the HIV virus alone not does not kill but it is the disease caused by this virus that kills, which is AIDS. 

Do you think the UNAIDS will succeed in this plan? (Getting rid of AIDS for good)

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