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Cervical Cancer Prevention

Most of our people especially black people, they are lazy to read such articles. If you write about the politics, they will rush wanting to know what is happening, if write about soccer, they would read, you write about scandals, they would want also to read. You write about fiction and useless stories that were you get most of our people, but anything that can help them, that can build them, like business, healthy issues, or spirituality very little interest you will get from them. Nowonder we perish in poverty, hunger and disease, we lack knowledge. Information is a cure for ignorance.

You realize that our people are not interested to have knowledge about important things.

This information has just been made available especially for women that early detection of cervical cancer is good, it makes it treatable. He gave people a guarantee that, it is one of the treatable cancers or conditions that he says that if people can be detected as after the diagnosis. So women needs to know that the moment you start to feeling like you have a problem with your cervix it is time you go for screening, don't wait until the pain is unbearable, because we know what happens with such kind of sickness it may end being out of control.

It may end up resisting treatment or you may end up going to a point of no return, where it cannot be controlled by any medication or treatment. So it is very much important to women that from time to time they need to check if their cervix if it is still good, if the cervix is clear of this kind of cancer because it can end lives. But then the information below says, it is very much treatable, if detected early. So you need to take this information and use it to your own advantage, especially if you are a woman.

During this special day, WHO’s Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, together with celebrities, first ladies, cancer survivors and health and community organizations, will help raise awareness and mobilize action – one year after WHO launched its landmark global initiative to eliminate cervical cancer.

WHO is also highlighting important new breakthroughs to prevent and treat the disease, including the prequalification of a fourth vaccine (Cecolin from a third manufacturer, Innovax) for HPV, which is expected to increase and diversify vital vaccination supply.

“Cervical cancer causes immense suffering, but it’s almost completely preventable and, if diagnosed early enough, one of the most successfully treatable cancers,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. “We have the tools to make cervical cancer history, but only if we make those tools available to everyone who needs them. Together with our partners in the WHO cervical cancer elimination initiative, that’s what we aim to do.”

The risk of cervical cancer increases six-fold for women living with HIV, but many have not had access to vaccination or screenings.

Some countries trained healthcare workers with newer, portable devices to thermally ablate precancers. Others expanded the use of self-sampling – endorsed in recently published WHO guidelines – to allow women to collect their own cervical swab. This option can reduce stigma for women, provides access to those living far from health facilities, and helps congested health centres maintain safe services while respecting COVID-19 safety measures. The self-collected sample can be run on the same laboratory platforms that countries have been investing in to support PCR testing for COVID-19

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Cervical Cancer Prevention


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