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Here Is Why You Should Boil A Banana With A Dash Of Cinnamon Before Going To Sleep

Due to the fact that banana and cinnamon tea has a relaxing and sleep inducing effect making this two combo can result in your body calming down after a hectic day. Not everyone is fortunate enough to get a full night's sleep every night. A bad night's sleep is not just inconvenient; it also has an influence on your everyday life and can harm your health as well as you beauty.

As a result, you may be unable to focus, and your skin might look not healthy, and your mood is likely to be low. Do you take sleeping tablets in order to obtain a decent night's sleep? That's a pity, since banana and cinnamon tea will have you nodding off before you realize it. The good news is that you can create the drink yourself. Tea with banana and cinnamon is popular as a nightcap all around the world. Because banana and cinnamon have several health advantages, you make a drink to improve your sleep quality and beauty.

Cinnamon aids with digestion and circulation an this might increase chances of losing weight as your metabolism will surely increase. Furthermore, banana helps your body create less cortisol, often known as the stress hormone, and the high level of tryptophan helps your body make more serotonin, which helps you fall asleep at night. Remove the skin from the banana but do not cut off the ends. Then, slice the banana into big pieces, leaving the peel on. Place the banana slices in a skillet and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Bring the water to a boil in a saucepan. Reduce the heat to low and continue to cook for 10 minutes.Did the banana peel come off? Take the pan off the heat. Pour the tea through a sieve and consume it twenty minutes before going to bed.For optimal results, do this every night.Rest well and enjoy the glow in your skin as a result of enough sleep and the compound found in the banana and cinnamon

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