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How can children inherit bipolar disorder from their parents

Having bipolar disorder can make one to have an unhealthy relationship and it can also push your loved ones away especially if they are unable to deal with your mood swings.

In most cases the cause of bipolar is when someone experiencing stressful life events.

However, researchers found that the mental illness can be inherited from generation to generation.

Yes it is frequently inherited, especially with the genetic factor accounting for almost 80% of the cause of the condition.

This mental disorder is the most likely psychiatric disorder to be passed down from family and here is how:

1. When one of the parent suffer from bipolar disorder, their child has a 10% chance to develop the mental illness.

2. If both the mother and father have bipolar , their child is likely to have 40% chances of inheriting the disorder.

Even though its not guaranteed that if one family member has the illness does not mean that other family members will develop bipolar disorder.

More findings may need to fully done to understand the role of genetics in development of bipolar disorder.

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