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Finally| Could South Africa Be Coronavirus Free for The First time After This?

Date: 18/10/21



Ever since the pandemic started, many countries have witnessed the worst of this virus but some were able to overcome and defeat it. Several countries in the world were able to go from having several infections in the country to have zero infections.

This meant that the country was able to make sure that everyone who had the virus was fully recovered. One of the countries in Africa was Mauritius. It was the only African country that was able to fully recover from the virus, even though it gained the vases back and now South Africa is close to doing the same.


The current statistics of the coronavirus in South Africa have revealed that the country is down to one of its lowest current infections since the pandemic started. After the first wave of the coronavirus, the country had a reduced number of cases but it never reached this point.

Currently, a total of about 22,000 South Africans are the only ones who are currently infected by the virus. This is after about 3 million South Africans have been infected ever since the pandemic started. This current number of infections means that almost every other person was able to recover from the virus and some unfortunately passed away.

If South Africa can reduce this 22,000 to zero, it will be one of the first times that it will be coronavirus free. We saw it try to do this during the second wave of infections but it never reached even under 20,000 before the 3rd wave started.


What this shows is that South Africa's health department and leadership has found a way to deal with the virus effectively. At first, we found it hard to reduce cases to these low numbers but slowly but surely, in every subsequent wave we are able to reduce active cases to one of its lowest numbers. We are hoping South Africa will be able to reach a coronavirus free state in the near future.

What is your take on the matter at hand? Do you think South Africa will ever reach a point where there's 0 people who are infected given the fact that it's only 22,000 people left?

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