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You Have Been Poisoned If You Start Noticing These Signs In Your Body

Anyone with a medical background immediately thinks about what kind of material the victim ingested by ingestion or inhalation when we talk about poison and poisoning. This emphasis is necessary since it is one approach to determine what is truly wrong with the person and the most effective way to address the problem while still preserving the person's life.

We will thus examine various indicators that a person has been poisoned in this article in accordance with an NHS publication. There are some symptoms that you might experience if you have inhaled too much carbon monoxide since the chemical prevents the blood from carrying oxygen. However, the general poisoning symptoms listed below should not be disregarded.

What Indicates Someone Has Been Poisoned?

1. Abdominal pain - Some poisonous substances affect the digestive system negatively, which may be seen in the pain such a person experiences. As one indication of poisoning, sudden stomach pain needs to be looked into.

2. In most instances, chills or a shivering sensation are a sign of poisoning, particularly if they are unrelated to any obvious cause or medical condition.

3. Cyanosis, also known as blue lips and skin, is a sign of poisoning that should not be disregarded, especially if it begins after consuming something.

4. Dysphagia, or trouble swallowing, is another symptom of poisoning and should be checked out as soon as possible for your own safety.

5. Burns around the mouth or nose may also suffice to indicate poisoning; if you see these symptoms and the victim hasn't yet passed out completely, try your best to get him or her to a hospital.

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