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VIDEO: Connie Ferguson gets a new partner for a gym session

AConnie Ferguson is known for loving going to the gym and she is an inspiration to a lot of people. But she should not just inspire you if you are doing nothing to achieve the body size you desire. From this video clip, it is clear that it was not going easy for her and it was a bit tough even though she is used to it. She is not alone in the session and her fellow trainer is feeling the toughest training session.

When you are going to train with Connie, you should be able to handle it because she is going heavy and you will bounce out if you are not inspired to continue until you are done with the session. When you have just started exercising, it is not easy because you will go through a lot of pain from the training because your body is not used to it yet.

Steve Harvey once advised his audience that it is not easy being on top. When you get to the top, you have to make sure that you are maintaining the standard you have reached. If you are not going to be strong for it, you are going to lose and you will be going down to where you don't want to be. The same applies to Connie. It is not easy because she knows a lot of people are looking up to her.

She does not have any room for dropping the ball and that will be a disappointment for a lot of people. Even though the person she used to train with a lot, Shona, is no longer alive, she did not throw in the towel. She still has that very same energy that she had for their training sessions. She has to find a new partner and she has someone already.

No matter what it is happening in your life, as much as you have to go through it, you don't have to stop. She is the perfect person to look at who did not quit because she had personal problems to deal with. They should not be the obstacles that you would be hiding behind, that you can't continue. They have come a long way to quit and their results are visible for anyone to see them.

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