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Here's The Only Body Part You Should Never Clean According to Medical Experts

For many of us, the shower is a one-stop shop for everything to wash from head to toe. Besides, who else would want to take care of more bathing?

  But just because you do bathe does not mean that every cleaning should be done in the shower. Instead, experts say that one part of the body to which you should not wash your face: your face. Read on to find out why.

 One doctor said that there is one area of ​​the body that needs to be cleaned, even with disinfectants. It is said that cleansing the ear can be harmful rather than beneficial.

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 According to Drs. Kris Jatana, a medical expert and co-author of the study, the ear canal cleanses itself and needs to be cleaned externally.

 He also said that cleaning your ear with a cotton swab can affect your ears, as it is possible to push your ear instead. He explains that doctors have expressed concerns about the safety of cotton, and in some cases, doctors also want the rules to be written so that clients can be informed of their risks.

 Dr. Kris Jatana

 They also say that many consumers are still in the market, even when they are at risk of prescribing drugs.

 For this reason, using a soft sponge is recommended to remove the outer part of your ears, but you should avoid cleaning the ear canals as they are self-cleaning.

 Source: Yahoo

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