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Another 83 reported deaths this morning, be safe.

The government of the republic of South Africa has few weeks avo decided to place country under Covid-19 alert level. This slightly open up everything and increases number of attendees on the events.

Unfortunately for some this has sent a wrong messages, since now they think Covid-19 is gone, they can just live as they wish. Some they even nolonger bother themselves to wear musks and even follow all Covid-19 regulations which are still in place.

Covid-19 is a communicable respiratory disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus that causes illness in humans. The disease spreads from person to person through infected air droplets that are projected during sneezing or coughing. It can also be transmitted when humans have contact with hands or surfaces that contain the virus and touch their eyes, nose, or mouth with the contaminated hands.

This morning, government had reported that there is another 83 people who lost their lives due to Covid-19. A life cannot be replaced so it is very heartbreaking.

It is bow advisable that people shouldn't stop following all the Covid-19 regulations and remember that Covid-19 is still around and powerful like before.

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