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Is plain yoghurt your answer to cure yeast infections? Click to read

Yeast infection, is a genital infection which is caused by the candida virus. Usually it is not sexually transmitted but sex can cause yeast infection in ladies in a certain way. The pH of the female reproductive system is acidic and the pH of the male sperm is basic/alkaline. When on has unprotected sex constantly, this can lead to the pH of the vagina to be thrown off and lead to growth of yeast.

Some yeast infection are due to poor hygiene or even dirty toilet seats. Symptoms of yeast infection include experiencing a cottage cheese like discharge which sometimes causes irritation and itching but the discharge is white with no odour. Women who suffer from repeated yeast infections are advised to seek medical help but this article is going to help with home remedies to cure the infection.

Plain Yoghurt, either double cream or low, can be used to heal the infection. It contains probiotics which are similar to that of the vagina. These probiotics, help fight infection and restore the pH of the vagina.

For application, either used oral or direct insertion. Oral use means eating the plain yoghurt as is. When inserting in, dipping a tampon inside the yoghurt and inserting the tampon as one would when inserting during a menstrual cycle.

When inserting the tampon, ensure that your hands are clean and you have also washed the private area with clean water, otherwise one will be adding more dirty bacteria inside the vagina.

Drinking lots of water and having a balanced diet also helps your body including your reproductive organs to remain healthy and off illness and infections.

A Twitter user suggested this but people reacted negatively on the post. Some did not know if this is possible but said they would try it. Are you willing to try this?

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