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20 Reasons why you should eat an entire Avocado every day. For your own health benefits

The avocado is a rather unique type of fruit. Avocado is, without any doubts, one of the most favorite fruits in the world. Most fruit consists primarily of carbohydrate, while avocado is high in healthy fats. But, it tastes so good you will probably think that is not so good for you and your health. Numerous studies show that it has powerful beneficial effects on health.

You ought to likewise realize that individuals who eat avocados are better and with higher supplement admission. They even have lower weight list than the people who don't eat avocados. Late examinations have demonstrated that. However, this delicious fruit can offer a lot of healthy benefits, but we are going to mention just 20 of them:

1. Source of Healthy Fats

Despite the fact that avocados contain high measure of fats, that really is something to be thankful for. Avocados contain the "great" fats, including the monosaturated fat. The monosaturated fat can assist you with bringing down the danger of cardiovascular failure or stroke, al

2. Weight Loss

Ongoing investigations have shown that avocados can really assist you with getting thinner. As per the review that was distributed in the Sustenance Diary, eating a large portion of an avocado for lunch can help overweighed individuals to feel full for a more drawn out timeframe after the lunch. Individuals who took an interest in this review announced 40% less longing to eat over a 3 hour time span after the dinner, and a 28% less craving over a 5 hour term after the supper. Furthermore, another beneficial thing is that these members wanted to nibble and were more ful

3. Control Blood Pressure

This delightful organic product is likewise an extraordinary normal wellspring of potassium. It contains over 28% of the suggested day by day potassium admission in only one avocado. However, you ought to watch out. Since avocados are natural products high in fat, you should adjust your food consumption in different regions to adjust your eating routine. The AHA (American Heart Affiliation) says that food sources high in potassium are vital for a solid heart, in light of the potassium's capacity to decrease the imp

3. Lower Cholesterol Levels

A recent study has shown that consumption of avocado can help you lower your cholesterol levels. Numbers in the recent statistics show that one in three American adults has high cholesterol issues, with higher risk of getting a heart attack. But, there are a lot of different natural ways to lower the bad cholesterol levels. Avocados can lower triglycerides in your blood, reduce the total cholesterol and lower LDL while increasing the HDL cholesterol.

4. High in Nutrients

Avocados are also a great source of healthy nutrients and contain more than 20 vitamins and minerals in each serving. One fruit of avocado contains (Recommended Daily Values):

33% Vitamin C

26% Vitamin B6

21% Vitamin E

28% Pantothenic Acid

19% Copper

28% Potassium

53% Vitamin K

41% Folate

6. Improves Nutrient Absorption

Did you know, that when it come to vitamins in minerals, it doesn’t really matters how much or how we eat them. The way vitamins, minerals and nutrients are being absorbed is extremely important for us and our health. Some vitamins or nutrients are fat soluble. That means that they need to be combined with fat in order to get absorbed by our bodies. For example, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K are fat-soluble nutrients, alongside with some other antioxidants. Add ½ of avocado in a salad of spinach, lettuce and carrots and your body will absorb the antioxidants:

Alpha-carotene – 8.3 times better

Beta-carotene – 13.6 times better

Lutein – 4.3 times better

7. Prevent Diabetes

The recent statistics that came from the CDCP (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) have estimated that diabetes will affect almost 40% of the American population at some point in their lives. That’s why is very important to keep your blood sugar levels low in order to reduce the risk of getting diabetes. In a recent study, people who participated in it consumed ½ of avocado with lunch, and had their blood sugar and insulin levels measured at specific time. Even though they ate ½ of avocado and it increased their calorie and carbohydrate intake, the participants who ate avocado didn’t get their blood sugar levels increased, compared with those who didn’t ate an avocado for lunch.

8. Pain Relief

Cause of its anti-inflammatory benefits, the avocado extract is suitable for treating and reducing symptoms of arthritis of the bones, also known as osteoarthritis, and other types of inflammatory related aches and pains.

9. Fight Inflammation

Several studies have shown the beneficial healthy properties of the oleic acid – the monosaturated fat found in avocados, olive oil and canola oil. The oleic acid will help you fight and reduce all kinds of inflammations in the body. This is very important for you, because it’s believed that chronic inflammation in the body can lead to several diseases, such as: asthma, allergies, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer.

10. Eye Health

According to the latest researches, avocados are among the top 20 fruits in the world consumed on regular basis, which are rich in Lutein and a good source of zeaxanthin. Lutein and zeaxanthin are extremely beneficial in fighting macular degeneration. This is one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States. Foods high in phytonutrients, such as avocado, can provide high amount of Lutein and zeaxanthin into your organism.

11.Very Important for Future Mothers

According to the article published in What to Expect, avocados are one of the most important foods for pregnant women, because they are full with nutrients, such as: potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Folate. That’s because Vitamin B6 is beneficial for the baby’s tissue and brain growth. Folate is essential for the healthy growth of the fetus in early pregnancy.

12. Cancer Fighting Properties

Several studies have shown the crucial benefits of using avocado in the fight against cancer. It has shown that the avocado extract can stop or slow down the growth of prostate cancer cells. Another study has shown that the avocado extract might help to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. However, you should consume it primarily cause of its other benefits.

13. Strong Bones

You should also know that avocados are full with bone-healthy nutrients, such as: Vitamin K, copper and folate. So, if you add avocados to your healthy diet, it can help you build and retain strong bones. Except avocados, add other fruits as well for best results.

14. Improve Digestion

One of the most important elements for any healthy diet is fiber. The fiber keeps your digestive system running smoothly. That’s why you should add more avocados to your healthy diet. One avocado contains 13 grams, that’s around 54% of your recommended daily fiber intake.

15. Improve Your Mood

Avocados can improve your mood. That’s because of their high amount of vitamins and minerals, especially potassium and folate. A recent study has found that potassium is related with depression. A group of scientific researchers have found that depressed men and women had low levels of potassium. Their studies were based on the relationship between sodium, magnesium and potassium in depressed patients. Other study that was made in 1993 found the same thing; depressed patients had lower potassium levels than healthy people.

16. Brain Food

We all know that cooper is a good brain stimulant, so avocados are also good as a brain stimulant food. That’s because they contain almost 20% of the daily cooper needs. Copper – the neglected mineral is directly linked with higher thought processes and creative thinking.

17. Immunity Booster

As we mentioned before, the avocados are a great source of Vitamin B – which can help you fight a lot of illnesses and infections in your organism. They also contain high amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin E – natural immune boosters.

18. Energy Booster

Fat is the most concentrated source of energy in our bodies, and we know that avocado is full of it. It might help you skip your daily afternoon nap, if you eat an avocado for lunch. Healthy fats can provide for your organism a balanced stream of energy, so the organism can finish its daily routines. If avocados are eaten along with carbohydrates, they will slow down the digestion rate of the carbohydrates, which means that you won’t feel hungry after a meal, especially after you ate simple carbohydrates like white bread.

19. Healthy Skin and Hair

Avocado can also help you get a smooth skin and glossy hair. That’s because of its anti-inflammatory properties and high amount of healthy fats. One avocado contains more than 20% of your daily dose of Vitamin E, which is beneficial in protecting the body tissue from damaging by the free radicals. Stop wasting money on expensive skincare creams which contain Vitamin E, and eat more avocados. You can even try avocado oil and fight the aging process from within.

20. It’s Delicious

Let’s not forget that avocado is very delicious fruit, which can be used in different meals and salads, such as: guacamole or you can add it to salads and sandwiches.



Content created and supplied by: Sielani (via Opera News )



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