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WARNING: If You Are HIV Positive, This Is For You.

The world’s biggest number of HIV cases are making it difficult South Africa’s efforts to fight the coronavirus pandemic, increasing the risk of more mutated versions emerging and spreading across the world. 

Many of the country’s 8.2 million HIV-infected people are immuno-compromised and scientists revealed that the group can harbour the coronavirus for longer, enabling it to transform as it reproduces. A study of an HIV positive 36-year-old woman revealed that Covid-19 stayed in her body for 216 days and transformed rapidly.

Most of South Africa’s HIV-infected people are poor and marginalized, most of them reside in poor areas where they cannot easily access the vaccines. The government is trying everything they can to make sure that everyone accesses the vaccine, they are trying to avoid people dying from the COVID-19 virus.

A lot of people have died from perfect 19 and that is why the government is trying their best to make sure that people vaccinate to avoid dying from the virus, but there are still people who do not want to take the vaccine due to their own reasons.

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