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Lockdown Level 1 Coming? The Unexpected Is Revealed. Read.


Since this COVID-19 pandemic started, so many people have forgotten the lifestyle that they used to live back in there. Back in the days, they used to say that COVID-19 will only take few days with us, but now it seems like it's a forever thing. We don't even know how to stop it because there have been more rumors saying that they have discovered a medicine for it, but we are wonder now because things are not changing anymore. They must do something about it because we cannot live the lifestyle that we are not used to just because of the disease that doesn't even come from our country.

It has been said that the disease got invented in China since they wanted to limit people in there. They have made a huge mistake because now it's hard for them to defend us from the disease since it has taken many people. This is heartbreaking because now we are getting killed because of things that we don't even know how they started. So many people are saying that the country got sold or something because there's no way we can experience this heavy dark cloud. So many people have accepted that they will leave with that COVID-19 forever.

It has been said that the Gauteng province is ready for level one because they are tired of leaving as if they have rented in this country. We all know that many people from Gauteng doesn't even care what those people are thinking about them. It looks like we are still going to see many things because the Gauteng province have already started with it. Some people need to know that the things that they are doing might affect them when they are not even aware. That's why it is more important to make sure that you obey the rules, just so you don't regret when your things are not going as you planned.

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