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Mogoeng says he cured couple of HIV/Aids with prayer

Previous boss equity Mogoeng claims he has relieved several HIV/Aids. 

Mogoeng said this during a strict location in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, on 22 November. 

Mogoeng claims the man and lady were restored after he petitioned God for them. 

"At the point when I was a youthful Christian, my worker and his better half were hit with HIV/Aids and their youngster kicked the bucket. They turned out to be meager. I said let me petition God for this. 'For the sake of Jesus the soul of HIV/Aids leave'," said Mogoeng. 

Mogoeng said the evidence he had that the couple was not generally contaminated was he saw several sometime later looking "fat". 

The couple purportedly let him know they had not taken any prescription and their wellbeing was reestablished after he petitioned God for them. 

Mogoeng additionally said he recuperated a relative of the couple who was too powerless to even consider lifting herself up. 

He likewise asserted that the petition didn't generally work. 

"I don't have the foggiest idea why, yet once in a while it works," said Mogoeng. 

Walter Sisulu University's head of office for general wellbeing in the staff of wellbeing sciences, Professor Francis Hyera, let News24 know that there was no proof to back up Mogoeng's case that he restored HIV/Aids. 

Hyera likewise said Mogoeng couldn't say two or three was relieved on the grounds that they had put on weight, and that the previous boss equity expected to give logical proof to back up his cases. 

"There are many individuals in numerous nations asserting they restored HIV/Aids with supplication, yet what they all need is proof," said Hyera. 


This isn't whenever Mogoeng first has offered disputable remarks. 

In December 2020, Mogoeng was condemned in the wake of proposing Covid-19 antibodies were related with Satan. 

"I'm crying unto God, in case there is an antibody, I don't need it. I'm crying unto God. These are the last days as per we, Christians, so assuming there is any immunization with 666, I need God to annihilate it. Assuming there is any immunization intended to ruin the DNA of individuals, I'm asking God [to manage it]," Mogoeng said. 

In Christianity, 666 is believed to be the sign of Satan. 

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In November, Mogoeng additionally condemned the public authority's treatment of Covid-19. 

Mogoeng raised worries about the government's dependence on the Disaster Management Act and the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) to deal with the Covid. 

He said Parliament ought to consider the leader responsible for the choices it takes in regards to lockdowns and immunizations, and not the NCCC. Mogoeng added that the NCCC was an unlawful body. 

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In March, Mogoeng was requested by the Judicial Conduct Committee (JCC) to withdraw and apologize for favorable to Israel expressions he made in 2020 at an online class facilitated by The Jerusalem Post. 

In June last year, Mogoeng said he had a commitment, as a Christian, to adore and petition God for the tranquility of Jerusalem. 

During the online course, he was approached to remark on the strategic connection between South Africa and Israel and regardless of whether he concurred with the previous' international strategy according to the last option. 

In reacting, he said: "I'm under a commitment as a Christian to adore Israel, to petition God for the tranquility of Jerusalem, which really implies the tranquility of Israel. I can't, as a Christian, do something besides cherish and appeal to God for Israel since I know scorn for Israel by me and my country can just draw in remarkable condemnations upon our country." 

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Mogoeng Mogoeng says he cured couple of HIV/Aids with prayer (

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