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Corona is Real:She Lost Both Her Hands And Feet Due to Covid 19/Opinion


Ever since the breakout of the corona virus ealy 2020 millions of people all round the world have died .Covid 19 is known for causing shortness in breath and many of the patients died due to that .However other well known complications of covid 19 include blood clots which is dangerous.

A post on social media has gone viral after a woman had to amputate both of her arms and legs due to covid 19 .According to the post she had blood clots in her bloodstream which prevented fresh blood from flowing to her hands and legs .They eventually dried up and she could not feel anything on them and the doctors had to amputate them.

This post really scared a lot of people because it shows just how serious covid 19 is.Imagine losing both of your arms and legs due to covid 19 .The woman is said to regret not taking the Covid 19 vaccine .Apparently she refused the vaccine when it was available and look where she is .

Doctors are saying that should she had taken the vaccine maybe it wouldn't have gotten this far.She could have both her arms and legs.The covid 19 vaccine reduces the effects of covid 19 on the body .People who have taken the vaccine suffer mild symptoms only.

However while many people got encouraged by this story to take the vaccine .Some still didnt believe all of this was caused by covid 19.Some people think that this was just to convice people to get vaccinated and this lady was suffering from something different.

But why would they lie though.If a person experience blood clots this is what will likey happen,other parts of their body may be deprived of blood and fresh oxygen which may lead to amputation.

Please note that i did not write this story to scare anyone into getting vaccinated,that's a personal choice but from what we have seen covid 19 is real and its effects are bad,just look at this woman above and how she is now suffering.You know what they say prevention is better than cure .

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