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Warning: All Vaccinated Citizens Should Take Note Of This Information

With each passing day, more and more people are getting involved in the fight to ensure that everyone is inoculated. But the government is making every effort to create what is known as herd immunity, even if it means putting the lives of a significant number of people in peril.

When the breach was made public on the internet, thousands of South Africans have been terrified. Numerous media sites indicate that South African health officials are purchasing large supplies of anti-clotting medication in response to the finding that one of the Pfizer vaccine's symptoms is microscopic blood clotting. See what people are saying on Twitter:

The Pfizer vaccine, which is presently being administered in Africa with South Africa as one of the countries in question, is claimed to be beginning to induce symptoms in humans that are connected with the Aids virus, according to new investigations conducted in the United Kingdom.

Many South Africans feel that those who receive the Corona virus vaccine have signed their own death certificates, and have made calls and requests to that effect. As a result of the vaccine destroying healthy cells, you are now more susceptible to diseases and viruses other than the Corona virus. You will also be hit harder by other viruses, such as the severe flu, than people who did not receive the vaccine..

It's my personal belief that all citizens should stand their ground and avoid getting any shots that could be harmful to their health in the long run.

The government has a responsibility to ensure the safety of the Covid-19 Vaccine for its population.

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